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In the foreword for Dr. Jeff Johnson’s book What Every Christian Needs To Know About Social Justice, Dr. Owen Strachan writes these words:

Social justice is not just not the gospel. It is anti-gospel. It is anti-gospel in its principles and its finished convictions; it is anti-gospel in its presuppositions and its animating biases.

Certainly, these are strong and convictional words from one of the faithful theologians of our time. However, Dr. Jeff Johnson proceeds to demonstrate how they are true and why this topic is of utmost importance for our day. In evangelicalism, those who stand against Critical Race Theory are frequently branded as raising a boogeyman. Thus, Dr. Johnson’s work provides the clarity to push back against those promoting these false ideas through the trojan horse of historic terms loved by the Christian church. Marxists and Critical Theorists may utilize words like freedom and equality, but the ideas they are promoting behind these terms stem from a different foundation than Christianity and are antithetical to the biblical truth. Let’s take a closer look at Dr. Johnson’s work.